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The 180 Method™ Masterclass


In This Free Training You Will Learn...


Gain clarity on why you haven't been able to get everything you want in life  and what to do about it...even if you think you have done it all 


That is everlasting and not dependant upon circumstance, securing the courage and strength to overcome anything and do anything with out fear, doubt or embarassment 


With  the greatest power that doesn’t fail you nor leave you feeling alone, scared, & wondering but provides the enduring wholeness you desire



The Last Self Help Tool You Will Ever Need!

There are perpetual cycles that continue to frustrate you and ultimately lead you back into the same painful situations...despite all of the self help tools you have used.


You know the cycles I am talking about...being frustrated at yourself not having found happiness or balanced success in every area of your life yet, or thinking you would be in a different place than you are right now. 


Or feeling like you can’t get everything done in a day; there’s just not enough time. 


Or doubting the choices you have made and the choices you need to make for your future.


You have always had to be the one to do it all, make it all, and fix it all. You have never been provided for in the past. You’ve used dieting, exercise, work, and chasing the next best thing to cope with emotional stressors and pain instead of facing it head on. 


You are constantly left wanting more from your life. You never feel satisfied and you end up allowing fear to steal the limelight. 


You have done alot of mindset work BUT your mind still wonders back to the past and stops you from owning your gifts, power, happiness and confidence.  

You fear being alone, being wrong, not able to have succes in your family life and your business life and you feel like you are making mistakes which ultimately lead you to procrastinate & doubt yourself. All of these feelings keep you awake at night thinking, is this all there is?


And how can I change it?  


There must be something better...there must be a better way...but how do I get it? Those are the circumstances that create these endless cycles leaving you feeling unhappy & insecure. I call this the human pain cycle. You may not want to admit it but the cycle is happening for a reason.


Your pain cycle has control over you rather than you have control over it. Is that what you really want? To continue down the past that has only left you feeling angry, frustrated, doubtful, confused, and alone?


What will you choose?I don’t believe you do...but the decision ultimately comes down to you.



About Your Host



With over 18 years of experience in coaching, training and development, Alejandra is considered one of the "pioneers" of the coaching industry.


Awared Best Life Coach in 2016, she has worked with over 1500 coaching clients, trained over 300 coaches, guided entrepreneurs to scale into multi 6 figure and 7 figures, and has built a multimillion dollar coffee business with her husband Eric spanning Southern California.


Known for her engaging and compelling style, she has taken practical business expertise and married it to energetic spiritual science, giving her clients the modern-day magic that gets results without the BS. 


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What People Are Saying

The below testimonials are real and raw emotions that clients have been able to feel confident in sharing in our private groups and in messages and for privacy reasons part of their messages have been blurred. Joining the 180 Method Masterclass has allowed for so many personal break throughs and I wanted to give a glimpse of what joining the class could do for you!